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Birthdate:Oct 12, 1978
Website:'Mun and Muse are over the age of 18'
'mun and muse are both over 18'
BIRTHDATE is not character's actual birthdate, as he was born in the 1920's.
Instead, date signifies how old character is.

Captain Jack Harkness

Group Captain Jack Harkness, RAF, played by Matt Rippy, appears in the episode "Captain Jack Harkness". When Torchwood's Jack Harkness and Toshiko Sato fall back in time to 1941, they meet him and discover him to be the real Captain Jack Harkness, whose name the con-man known as Jack appropriated.

Captain Harkness is a young American serving as a Group Captain in a RAF Eagle Squadron, stationed in Cardiff. He is in a heterosexual relationship, but is revealed to be attracted to Torchwood's Jack. During his time with Jack and Tosh, he is shown to be a compassionate man, backing up Jack's story of Tosh working as a decoder for the government to protect her from the current anti-Japanese prejudice and bonding with Jack over their mutual grief over the responsibility of having to witness those they care for die while they survive. He is distressed at the idea that the woman he is dating while stationed in Cardiff is in love with him, unhappy to lead her on.

After some indecision, and after Torchwood's Jack hints that he would soon die, he eventually strikes up the courage to dance with Torchwood's Jack in front of a party of servicemen and their guests. Before Torchwood's Jack leaves to return to the present, the two kiss passionately. The next day, Captain Jack Harkness dies fighting German fighters. In the present day, Toshiko Sato comforts Torchwood's Jack by telling him that 1941's Captain Jack would be proud that he had taken his name, carrying it on as he saves the world.
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